Grass-Fed Beef

Unfortunately due to drought conditions earlier in the year causing low water levels in our ponds and high demand for supplies, we will not have beef available in 2023.

You can still submit a request form  to be put on our list when we do have availability!

Grant Creek Ranch is selling grass fed beef in the Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Wichita area. We believe that our beef provides a very economical and healthy alternative to purchasing beef from the grocery store. Listed below are some of the advantages that our beef possesses.

Grant Creek Ranch Beef is:

  1. Cross-bred Angus cattle raised primarily on grass.
  2. Never confined.
  3. Raised on native grass pastures in the Kansas Flint Hills and then finished on Bermuda and native grass in Oklahoma.

Grant Creek Ranch Beef contains:

  1. NO Hormones
  2. NO Steroids
  3. NO Unnecessary antibiotics

Grant Creek Ranch Beef is a boutique meat process.  We raise and sell a limited number of animals and are able to track our calves from birth to harvest. We only select the best and healthiest calves for our program.

Our Process

Our cow-calf herd is a small, closed herd with new additions into the herd carefully vetted.  Since our herd is closed, it is not exposed to new disease.  Calves are born on the Grant Creek Ranch during spring and fall seasons.  After a time of at least six months the calves are ready to be weaned and they are moved to our Carney, Oklahoma pre-conditioning facility. Here the calves are weaned and then turned out onto Bermuda grass and native grass pastures. They will spend at least one winter in Carney, and during the winter they will continue to graze the pastures and they will be fed hay and protein supplements so they will maintain their body condition.

During the following spring and summer the Bermuda begins to grow rapidly with sun and rain, and the calves now solely graze these pastures. The beef calves are freely grazing grass only and they are given city water in large tubs to drink. Their grazing pasture is large, with an abundance of grass, water, and shade.  The calves are very gentle and used to human presence. During the summer our calves will gain over 3 pounds per day, resulting in a well marbled steak with great taste. To read more in detail about our process please see this blog post.

Our beef is dry-aged to naturally enhance its flavor and provide additional tenderness. During this process the beef is allowed to age up to two weeks in a refrigerated room prior to being cut.  Liquids will be lost and some will absorb into the meat and as a result the beef may lose up to 20% of its original weight. After dry aging, the meat is cut up to your specifications and then frozen.  When you pick up your meat, the cuts of meat will be in individually, marked packages, ready for you to load into your freezer.

We do not sell individual cuts of meat, or meat bundles, because we do not carry any inventory. The only way to purchase our beef is to buy a frozen quarter or side.  We only process our beef once our calves reach an optimal weight, and we only hold back calves that we think that we can sell, the rest we sell as calves or sell at the sale barn.  This is why our beef is only available a few times a year.  If you are interested in purchasing our beef fresh, at different times of the year, or multiple times per year then we would love to hear from you and then we can work out a custom plan to tailor our operation with your needs.

Go to our pricing page to understand our process even more. Questions or interested in purchasing? Fill out our form!

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