Calves for Sale

Our calves, a product of Angus cross cows and registered Angus Bulls, are born right on Grant Creek Ranch and are bred for optimum beef quality. These are the same stock that we are use for our grass-fed beef program. These calves should yield choice plus to prime beef if they are put in a feeding program.

Our Process

Our calves are given a round of vaccines at branding time.  The bull calves are banded at this time and all of the calves are given identification ear tags.  The calves are allowed to graze freely with the herd and are very easy to wean due to the stress free environment in which they are raised.  Additionally, these animals are very gentle and used to human presence, making them easy to gather as they are used to following a feed truck.  We try to only pen the calves twice, once at branding time and once at weaning time; therefore, they are not afraid of the pens or people. If you are interested in purchasing any of our calves at weaning time please let us know!

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If you would like to arrange a visit to view the calves in the field please complete the form below and we will get in touch with you.